how resistant is your tableware?
Pieces have been designed with care and are made using a generous amount of material making them more resistant. Therefore, they are suitable for dishwashers. Each piece is hand coated with a clear or colored shiny glaze protecting the surface for eating. The underneath is purposely left without glaze to appreciate the quality of the material and its surface. 

All pieces are dishwasher, microwave and oven proof. 

is your tableware food safe?
Your tableware is protected by a glaze finish and completely food safe. 

do the pieces make noise when I use cutlery on them?
The lines on the tableware are visually aesthetic and provide a smooth pattern which does not make it uncomfortable when using cutlery against them.

cleaning and maintenance?
All pieces can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher and do not require any particular products. Pieces are entirely glazed except for the underneath. The non-glazed underneath part of the piece will mark with metallic objects but can be washed off. 

how are my products delivered?
All products are carefully packaged in a cardboard box with protective foam using Swiss post. 

i broke a piece - what can I do?
All pieces are limited edition. Please contact us if you wish to replace a single piece and we can verify stock. 

do we renew series?
Yes - plain white will always be available but any product that was produced with a specific color will not renewed. Because colored series are limited, for any inquiries please contact us.