white large bowl - set of 2

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Two white large bowls in porcelain
Collection "Made in Jingdezhen"

These bowls are manufactured in porcelain from the historic and ancient capital of porcelain Jingdezhen in China. 

These pieces are the result of a bond between technology and craft. Their patterns are computer generated specifically for each model of the collection. They provide the most delicate and subtle ridged texture to the bowl. Each piece is hand coated with a shiny clear glaze.

The collection, built with finely elevated surfaces and ridges, favors the interaction between ingredients forming new experiences between the content and its container. 

Suitable for dish-washer, oven and microwaves. 

N.B. All pieces are made by hand and may have slight variations in shape, colour and thickness.

Set of 2 bowls in white
Manufactured using porcelain in Jingdezhen, China
Produced and glazed by hand 
Surface contains progressive ridges
Logo engraved 
Collection composed of plates, bowls and cups.

Diameter 185 mm
Height 50 mm